About Me

Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m just your average fun-loving [teenage] girl. And I like a lot of things–from gray-haired anime characters to bad ass female protagonists to Greek mythology to anything that is floral and vintage.

I’ve loved books ever since I was a kid. I’ve fought dragons. I’ve been to a school with witches and wizards. I’ve been a mermaid. I’ve fallen in love with a vampire. I’ve experienced life as a zombie. I’ve been thrown inside an arena to kill 23 other kids. Well yeah, you get the point.

I’m obsessive compulsive, a control freak and an introvert. I don’t eat vegetables. Severus Snape is my favorite character in the Harry Potter series. When I was a kid, I broke my right arm trying to stand on a ball. I like the smell of old books and freshly photocopied paper (yes, I’m that weird). I love writing, traveling and photography. I’m currently learning how to bake and I’m loving it so far. My favorite color/s? Neutrals, nudes, and mint green.

I wouldn’t call this a fashion blog since I’d only post OOTDs whenever I feel like it. Sure, I’d post occasional hauls and DIYs but I wanted this blog to be more like sharing a part of my brain. Basically, it’s gonna be a collection of my thoughts–creative ideas, rants, and all–just in blog form.